Taiji Form Level 4

Time to introduce the concept and dynamics of ‘Hòu Jìn Qi': the ability to issue Elastic Power from what Taiji is worldwide known. 

Practice them in the 5 Loosening Exercises and the 4th section of the Taiji Short Form, while learning the 4 corners, which are the main moves of this level.

Check the video presentation to see what's new >>>

‘Elastic power waves transmit forces through pressure changes and accompanying small muscle changes. These internal body waves appear when forces generated from the feet and the ground pass through the fluid body. That is, fluid in the sense that every joint is free to move but tends to return to its poisition once the wave has passed'

                                                                                        Patrick Kelly


Play Video about L4-0-Taichi Form Level 4 Presentation by TaijiStream and Guillem Bernadó b

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