From Online to Live training

There are great benefits in getting out of your comfort zone, as well as taking a ‘leap of faith’ and to step into what may seem an unknown and uncertain experience zone.

And this is exactly what I want to suggest to you: join a live Taiji workshop I will be leading in the following dates and countries.

Expand your knowledge of Taiji, make it’s practice a real experience, and deepen the path of your own development.  

You’ll have the opportunity to meet and practice with fellow Taiji students, some on a similar level of experience, some more experienced, which is the perfect environment for growth and improvement.

Check the training opportunities from the link below (redirection to my GB Taiji site), you can apply for your spot or just sign up to the newsletter of GB Taiji.

Taichi Spain August 2023 by TaijiStream GbTaiji

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