Taiji Ebook 5 Myths about Taiji
Did You Know that....

Did You know that...

...Taiji is a Powerful transformation tool?

It was created hundreds of years ago in the Daoist temples, then gradually refined by wise teachers, to become a well tested tool to support your personal balanced growth.
Internal balanced growth begins by refining the body - Jing (turning it soft, elastic and strong at the same time) and body awareness. It continues with refining the Qi - Emotional, by developing inner sensitivity towards others, and finally Shen - Mind or Spiritual aspect.
The specific methods to develop and refine each one of these aspects are available to those willing to make the pleasant effort of inner transformation.
So how about a tool that can provide some support on this path?
Our approach to Taiji offers openly the traditional knowledge with a modern understandable approach, suitable for inteligent people (like you) that is looking for a deeper understanding of one-self, of life, and it's final purpose
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Taiji Ebook 5 Myths about Taiji

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