Teaching Taichi Tips by Guillem Bernadó - TaijiStream (2)

This course is designed to assist and help on the teaching process of Taiji. 

After my 7 years of teaching experience in Shanghai under direct supervision of our teacher Patrick Kelly, I do have some tips and teaching guidelines that can be very helpful if you are into the task of sharing your Taiji experience with others.

The Tips course contains guidelines of when, how and why to teach the different aspects, levels and exercises of our Taiji system. This approach needs to be combined with your own Taiji training (this is NOT a Taiji teachers course, because ‘a teacher is just a student at a more advanced stage of training').

Learning and teaching Taiji are related but not the same. If you are on the process of teaching or starting to teach, this course can help you to help your students in a better and more efficient way.

If you want to access the content, please send me an email and we'll look at it. Thanks! 

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