Taiji Form Level 1

A first step onto learning the Taiji form, a gentle Inner Path in smooth motion.

The practice of the Taiji Form extends the training of the daoist principles of relaxation, smoothness, naturalness,  deep self awareness, deep breathing and refienement of internal processes into a sequence of movements. The training on the sequence gives you also access to a very accurate way of movement and to the Taiji jin, the Elastic Force, a unique quality force specific from Taiji.

I will teach you step by step the 1st level of the Taiji Short Form, as taught by our teacher Patrick Kelly. The 37 Movements Short Form was created from the Yang style Long Form by Grand Master Cheng Man Ching as a simple way to access the training of the Form  and it's principles.

Please go ahead and enjoy the course! Click on the lesson link below to get started

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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons

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