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You can download and extended e-book version with thoughts and tips here:

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Daily life activities tend to produce tension, which gets stored in the body. Frequently on Neck and Shoulders.

Here is a set of exercises to get a quick release of those tensions.

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Check this video to sort out the misconceptions about Taiji and it's practice. 

As the saying remarks: ‘Don't judge a book by it's cover'

How does a Taiji live class look like?

What is that we practice there?

Where does our school come from?

These an other questions getting answered on this video.

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An interview we made with Mia Park, a good friend of mine and Taiji practitioner. 

We discussed several aspects of life and Taichi under the perspective of Covid-19 times.

My teacher Patrick Kelly and myself demonstrating the basic set of Pushing Hands (Partner Exercises) patterns, at his school 9Clouds (Shanghai, 2016) 

At the end you can also see him issuing Taiji Jin or Elastic Power, with a skill that is hard to find, nowadays.

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Accuracy - Why is it important on Internal Taiji training?

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Accuracy - How to build it on Internal Taiji training

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Taiji Form - Training accuracy of Mind and Body

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