Some Testimonials from those who joined the TaijiStream School

'I just wanted to thank you for the 45 minute Level II form class that you shared with us on Friday! I really appreciate the time you gave to us as well, as the care and clarity of the online class. Thank you for the learning opportunities!'
KT Rusch
Taiji student
'I just wanted to tell you how much your instruction about sinking and rotating in the April seminars helped me. I struggled before with tightness in the right ankle from an earlier injury, and always felt stuck on the right side when practicing the 5th loosening and the Standing on One Leg and Toe Kicks sections of the Short Form. Your instruction in the April seminars helped me focus more on rotating the pelvic girdle in those sections. As a result, I feel much more stable, increased my flexibility, and felt a wave starting in the feet and moving into the lower dantien and out through the hands. William Chen used to tell us the "commander" is in the waist (the lower dantien), and now I'm starting to really feel the elastic power you often refer to. Your demonstrations with your partner also helped a great deal with understanding these dynamics'
John H.
Taiji Practitioner
'I as a professional musician, I often experience neck and shoulder pain due to the physical demands of practicing my instrument as well as long days of rehearsal etc. Since I started doing these neck and shoulder exercises twice a day, I have have been in noticeably much less pain. I have also recommended these exercises to friends and colleagues, they too have found these exercises quite beneficial.'
Musician & Taiji student
'I’ve been practicing and studying with Guillem since 2013. His teaching has helped my internal development, and he continues to be a great resource for my learning. One of his great strengths in teaching is the clarity with which he can explain the steps necessary to clearly progress to improve whatever level you are practicing at. The system of teaching laid out by Patrick Kelly is a wonderful system for internal development, Guillem has had close contact with Patrick for more than 15 years, he has made a big effort to put a great deal of that knowledge into the online platform of Taijistream. It is a resource that I recommend for all of my students, and one that I use as well, to continue to benefit from Guillem’s knowledge and practice'
Nathan P.
Taiji Instructor and practitioner
"Guillem's teaching is very precise, accurate, kind, and useful. Taijistream provides you with personal, individual comments on your movements and suggestions for improvement. He is always at our disposal to answer any questions. It is an excellent guidance that I can use to complement my training. His feedback helps me and encourages me with constant motivation in this Taiji adventure. I am ever so grateful."
Taiji student
"For those seeking genuine and authentic tools for inner refinement, I highly recommend both online classes and programs on Taiji Stream. As a Taiji practitioner myself, I have found the regular classes a great help over the last year, when physical classes were not available. Transmitting the essence and teachings of Taiji accurately is not an easy task, let alone online.However Guillem manages to relay his in-depth knowledge and experience to his students with ease. I appreciate how the structure follows a similar format to regular classes, and the consistent focus on a key topic in each class helps to deliver a similar sense of concentration that would come through a regular group training session. There is always a sense of coming away with something new and valuable to work on, and I appreciate the personal feedback each individual receives for their own training. His online programs are very well structured, precise and easy to follow. I find that the information offered is of value for any level of training. The step by step layout, makes this easy for beginners to follow, whilst the detailed breakdown of each movement in the course is highly useful for more advance practitioners who are working on refining their movements. Highly recommend!"
Gar practicing Taiji Tuishou
Gar. C.
Taiji practitioner
'I followed some seminars with Patrick Kelly years ago, but I can not go anymore as I could not make it to each seminar and his seminars are all very full. Only very dedicated students are allowed to go now. I need to get my information from students from Patrick such as my teacher and yourself to get my development in Tai Chi and refine myself. The combination of following life lessons with her and your online seminars is a good combination that works well. You explain things in other words than she does, this helps me to better understand the details one seeks in self refinement. So, reading Patrick's books, your seminars and life lessons with my teacher ensures I am able to follow Patrick’s Taiji.'
Taiji student

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