Taiji Principles Course

A good and simple way to walk your Inner Path. It will support your progress on Taiji, Meditation and in life

Taiji Principles course introduces you to the daoist principles of relaxation, smoothness, naturalness,  deep self awareness, deep breathing and refienement of internal processes.

We will practice the 5 Loosening Exercises (Song Shen Wu Fa) from Master Huang Xing Xian, as taught by Patrick Kelly (my teacher). These are simple, inteligently desgined exercises that, like an artist gradually creating it's piece, will allow you to gradually improve your movements  and coordination, your breathing, your elasticity and range of movement, and an enhanced use of energy when moving.

The 5 Loosening Exercises can be practiced independently (morning or evening time are perfect for that), or be part of a Taiji or Meditation session.

Please go ahead and enjoy the course! Click on the lesson link below to get started

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Price 7$ (Original 49$)

Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons
  • 3 Topics

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