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A full system of Taiji & Meditation for Internal Development
Taiji Motion


You can begin with simple still meditation exercises, then gradually increase your ability to mantain the Inner concentration  while in motion. Step by step you can then bring it into your daily life


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Our Courses

Standing Meditation by TaijiStream Your Online Taiji Platform GB
The Basics for
Inner Concentration
Taiji Principles by TaijiStream
First 5 Steps into
Taiji Basics
Taiji Full Course by TaijiStream - Your Taiji Online Platform (2)
Deepening into
Taiji Principles
Still Meditation by TaijiStream Your Online Inner Platform
Meditation Course
on Daoist Tradition

A bit more about Taiji Stream and myself

Taiji Stream is the online ´affluent´ of GB Taiji. Initials of Guillem Bernadó, I started it at 2005 to spread the Inner knowledge I gradually integrated from my 20 years training under the guidance of my teacher Patrick Kelly. Our teachings flow from the traditional spiritual streams from Nile, Indus and Yellow River valley's (which are the Sufi, Hindu and Daoist lines of Spiritual knowledge). Taiji Stream is my attempt to condense  all this essential knowledge and practices, so anyone from anywhere in the World can enjoy it.

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